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Tuesday, April 12, 2005  

Powder and drama

To matters domestic. I've always seen Lever Bros as your standard evil empire. Knowing that I am trapped in their marketing web I make a virtue of brand disloyalty and only buy the washing powders on offer at the supermarket. Surf is frequently the cheapest and I have bought it on a number of occasions. However some weeks ago Persil Colour Care was on a "33% extra free" offer so I bought it and for the first time ever noticed poor results. As the smiling ladies tell you in the ads, children get the most appalling stains on their clothes and while I'm not neurotic, the clothes were coming out of the wash almost as bad as when they went in. I had one lone Surf tablet and I soaked a particularly dirty pyjamas in it that had already been washed twice, inc once at 60 with the Persil. Within a couple of hours all the now washed-in stains had washed out! Amazing results. Think I'll have to stick with Surf from now on.

Meanwhile, Eastenders has improved dramatically (no pun intended) since they dumped several characters and introduced Johnny Allen, his mistress Tina and his daughter Ruby. They're great! The acting is really excellent and they have some great stories. I nearly gave up on it for a while but it's great to have a decent bit of miserable drama to look forward to. My only relaxation in the day. (aaah. queue violins). I've dumped Coronation St and even Fair City completely. Coronation because it is truly awful and Fair City because I just don't have the time. Pity, 'cos it was quite funny.

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