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Wednesday, May 25, 2005  

Bus Blame Storming

You know, I was slightly worried about my post yesterday in which I offered the opinion that speed must have been an issue in the crash. I was afraid that I was rushing to judgement prior to the investigation being completed. However Pat Kenny in a really excellent programme this morning lays the blame very much at the door of Meath Co. Council who were doing road works on the stretch of road. I had listened to his programme back in February in which the father of a girl killed in Mayo blamed the temporary road surface for her death. The DBM surface is only suitable for speed limits of 30 m/p/h or 50km/p/h. He campaigned for speed limit reductions where this surface is in place. Of course, nothing was done and it looks like it was DBM on the road in Meath. Ivor Callely, who has always been a truly useless public representative is the unfortunate minister in charge and Pat really went for him. In fact it was the first proper political interview I've heard on RTE in years. When Callely tried the usual lines of how he 'responded positively' to the campaign, Pat demanded to know why he simply hadn't sent a memo to all county councils insisting that speed limits be reduced when DBM is down. Callely blathered on about meetings he had with insurance companies???? He was so crap.

Then to top it all off Pat read a letter from a mother describing her campaign to get seat belts on school buses. Except she had written the letter in April 2001 and she was from Ashbourne in Co. Meath..... They got her on the line and she read out the one liners she got back from various ministers at the time acknowledging receipt of her letters but of course doing absolutely nothing about it.

A lot of people are going to be running for cover.

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Being abroad and dependent on web content, I was surprised that only this BBC story seemed willing to go into any details on likely cause of the accident. The domestic sources seem to want to stay away from it. Fear of affecting a legal process?
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