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Friday, May 27, 2005  

Crap RTE Interviews

I usually avoid the morning current affairs radio programmes as they annoy me too much. I risked irritating myself today and turned on Morning Ireland. Cathal McCoille was interviewing Frank Fahey TD who was calling for the Minister for Health to do something to speed up the establishment of a Breast Check unit in his constituency of Galway. There is no breast cancer screening unit in the West of Ireland and they reckon 40-50 women die each year as a result of late detection.
Except that Frank Fahey is FF TD and is a junionr Minister!! He was pulling the old Fianna Fail stunt of acting like an opposition and calling on his own government to do something. Did the interviewer point this out or tackle him on the subject? Noooooooooo. Pathetic. That will teach me.

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