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Sunday, May 15, 2005  

DVD time

Life is starting to normalise. I've watched 2 DVD's in the last week; first movies I've seen in months. It wasn't an auspicious cultural event tho'. First one was National Treasure which must count as one of the worst films I've ever seen. I have a pretty low amusement threshold but this tested my limits. It started out as a thriller, morphed into action and towards the end tried to be a comedy. Nicholas Cage couldn't decide whether to be a geek or a hero. It was terrible. Sean Bean was supposed to be a man of 'unlimited resources' but looked like a tramp. The so-called love interest was far too young to be in charge of the national archives and was German. Helloo? I can't see the yanks giving a kraut that job. Her willingness to squeeze lemons all over the declaration of independence (Cage's father fortunately stored an improbable number of lemons in his fridge) and then blow dry it lacked all credibility. In addition to this abuse, the DoI was flung all over the place and survived far too well. If it was so robust why did the authorities bother with the very expensive protective environment in which it was stored? A ridiculously large cavern is discovered in the middle of Manhatten and we are expected to believe it remain undiscovered simply because it was under a very small graveyard. I am prepared to suspend disbelief but it was all too much.

Things improved slightly with Bridget Jones, The Edge of Reason. Darcy was very drippy but the movie was saved by Hugh Grant. He is sooo much better playing a shit than a bumbling fool. And I couldn't help admiring his new hair cut and physique, the latter most unnecessarily exposed in a superflous towel scene. I have to confess to some impure thoughts. However the lesbian kiss was silly and far too neat. However it did remind me that my birthday is coming up and therefore my annual treat of staying in bed all day reading Pride and Prejudice delighting in the best romantic lines ever.....Miss Bennett's fine eyes etc. Perhaps I'll buy myself the BBC series on DVD and smirk over the wet shirt scene. V. bold.

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