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Monday, May 23, 2005  


Whatever else is said, it was one of the best night's entertainment I've seen on telly in ages. The acts were soo bad and outrageous that it gave us all a great laugh and full marks to Marty Whelan. I know everyone else watches Terry Wogan but in 3 channel land we had no choice and didn't lament it. He was hilarious.

The theme was dancing girls and drums. Most of the acts had lots and lots of drums on stage and in the interval Ukraine put on an act that consisted of even more drums. The dancing girls were fabulous. Some had dancing boys but the shortness of the girls' skirts was amazing. However, the best dancing girls in my view were from Sweden and they wore skintight cat suits. They accompanied a rock 'n' roll number called Las Vegas (if you hold on tight/you'll be a star in the neon lights/everything will be alright/in Las Vegas TONIGHT! (fab lyrics).

Other great lyrics were Uk (touch my fire/you are my desire/you can take my higher or the winning entrant Greece (your my only one/my no.1 lover/you are my sacred passion and I have no other/you are my lover/undercover etc.

The Moldovan act was quite popular. They were a hard rock outfit but rather mysteriously there was a granny in national costume sitting on a rocking chair holding a large drum. For the last chorus she got up and started banging the drum! Or the Ukranian entry. During the revolution a particular hard rock song became the anthem so they turfed out their proper entry and put this in. The lead singer was a big baldy tough guy and his backing dancers were two guys who looked like slaves and they were in handcuffs. I anticipated the finale two verses in advance and yes!!! They ripped off their chains!!! Symbolism overkill.

So, the conclusion. I know I slagged off the semi-final and raged that Donna & Joe didn't get through. I know there is ridiculous block voting. (Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway all gave each other big points). BUT
a) even if the music was crap from the Baltic/Slavic states, all of the entrants were top acts in their own countries. They all had albums. Pros all the way.
b)The Malta entry was really good and even tho' it might have won in olden days it still came second which shows that you are not completely at the mercy of politics.
Therefore we have to persuade RTE that we can improve our performance but getting amateurs through the Your're a star programme has got to end. We have to go back to the jury system and get in the pros. Personally I think we should PAY Westlife to enter. Also I just found out that the UK, Germany, France and Spain NEVER have to qualify because they pay so much into the Eurovision organisation so I think we should stump up more and avoid the semi-final.

Child crying...back later.

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