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Tuesday, May 24, 2005  

Governments and racism

Apropos, as Pat Kenny says, Lenihan and racism, thanks to PK himself for bringing the following to my attention. In the week that Conor made his unfortunate remark my favourite Minister, McDowell, made a speech which was far far worse in content and even worse again because it had been prepared. RTE news report here. He talked about ritual sacrifice, and seventh sons of seventh sons and took the piss out of the asylum seekers. Heree's one quote (from a defence council as well as Minister for Justice!) "I would like to interview these people at the airport, but the UN insists that I go through due procedure."

In other words, the Minister for Justice, in very loose language gave credence to every ignorant prejudice that exists about black people in Ireland. He claimed to know what asylum seekers tell immigration even tho, as Fergus Finlay pointed out on the PK programme, that he admitted a few weeks ago that he doesn't read the immigration files and sneered at Joan Burton when she suggested that he should.

I have no doubt that some stories are invented to get through immigration but as Fergus went on to point out - a) they have no other way of getting into Ireland because we have no proper immigration application system that they could use and b) didn't every Irish person in the States for the last 40 years have a cock and bull story for immigration there and no one here saw anything wrong with it.

However the really scary thing is that he made his speech the same day as Conor made his remark and I can find no report of the speech in the paper of record, the IT. It did feature on RTE and in the Indo. Very shoddy of the Times I think. In any event where were the howls of protest from the meeja about this speech. Where was Joe Duffy? Such a pile of hypocrits.

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well to be hinest sarah, having listened to joe duffy over the past three days (2 days of "its the govt fault that the bus children died" and this afternoon of "the garda were great to shoot the robers but they should have warned the villagers") i don't think the average JD listeners would have noticed anyhting wrong with mc doweell speech.

i found it unbelievable.
Tut, tut, Sarah!
You of all people should know that Mr McDowell's job description is spelled "counsel", not "council".

I blush in empathy with your shame.
Damn!! I have a love-hate relationship with corrections. Thank you for not leaving me in error.
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