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Thursday, May 19, 2005  

International travesty

Stop the press! Forget about Conor! I have just witnessed the most astonishing travesty of justice. The qualifying round of the Eurovision song contest just took place in Kiev. Forced by last year's disaster to go through this process, we had to share a stage with what I can only describe as a bunch of dated, tuneless, talentless FREAKS from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Now, I'm not saying that Donna and Joe are paragons of style and glamour. However, they could sing a lively song in tune, with attractive riverdancers jigging away in the background wearing handkerchiefs.Trust me that was more than enough to come top of the group. But we didn't get through! 10 acts out of 25 and we didn't make it! This is the Norwegian entry. They got through! Hellloooooooo. As mentioned in the last post, this is what comes from allowing the public vote on anything. We always did fine when there were juries. Enough is enough. We have to stop entering if all the slavs with their crap taste are going to keep voting for each other. Of course, if we had a jury to pick the Irish act for the last few years we wouldn't be in this mess in first place.

Finally, I noticed that Switzerland got through with an all female rock band in tight white clothes and straight hair. Jade, the no.2 act in Ireland's final, were mirror images. I knew we should have sent them....

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Norway for the win!
"Slavs with crap taste"? A risky comment! However, I agree that public voting for this kind of thing is a disaster - all the wrong emotions come into play - and it does little to enhance the art of music. A balanced jury cross section is the best. Of course the public generate revenue with their calls/texts - so it is a commercial exercise at present.
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