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Wednesday, May 18, 2005  

More on Conor

The outrage in the Dail is funny.

From Emmet Stagg: "Such a remark would have been unworthy of any member of the House but it is particularly unacceptable from a member who has been appointed by the Taoiseach to have responsibility for overseas development aid," Mr Stagg said.
Emmet of course was the member found cruising for rent boys in the Phoenix Park some years ago. Everyone was soooo morto and felt so sorry for his wife that they refused to comment on it and no one called for his resignation.

And from Sinn Fein...."international affairs spokesman Aengus Ó Snodaigh demanded a public apology "to all Turkish people and others of Middle Eastern origin living and working and paying taxes in Ireland", as well as a formal apology to the Turkish Ambassador.

Aengus doesn't want an apology on behalf of those of Middle Eastern origin who are just living here but possibly supported by the state; or living and working here but maybe on the black market. Nooooooo, the apology is only for those living and working and paying taxes. I wonder if SF supporters in the hard drugs trade are paying taxes on their earnings?

posted by Sarah | 20:40 4 comments
Is there not a fundamental difference between the private life, however unconventional, of a public representative, and a very public statement made by a man whose casual racism seems to run counter to his responsibilities as a member of government in the foreign affairs area?
SF can be crtised for a lot - being involved in drugs trade is not one. this is a stupid remark and false.
The tabloid editors seem to have watched All the Presidents Men too many times and think to be real journalists they have to get politicians to resign.

If Conor resigns then the editors of the daily tabloids should be made resign every time they publish a remark that anyone finds offensive. After all their headlines reach and influence a far larger daily audience than Oireachtas Report.
Tabloid editors are not elected public representatives.
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