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Thursday, May 05, 2005  

Soap watch

I caught Fair City last night and tonight. They've introduced a new character, Judy, to steal Sammy away from Suzanne. For a love interest, Judy has been very poorly cast. She has quite the worst set of teeth I've seen on TV for a while. They are completely crooked and you can see far too much of her top gums. It's really irritating. Her eyes are crooked too. I'm far from symetrical myself, but I have no ambition to be a soap star.

My head is splitting. In order to get my tummy back in shape I've taken to pushing the double buggy to the local village (over 1 mile away) (with two hills in between) (and several very high kerbs) and back again. It leaves me utterly wrecked but if I let myself go now, all is lost.

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