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Thursday, May 19, 2005  

ST Editing and Layout

I have received some enlightenment in the matter of column position. The main news is that I can relax. My position is not a judgement on the relative merits of each article. Instead they take out which is the most obviously British article in the section and replace it with mine for the Irish edition. Andrew Sullivan is victim to a similar geo-political vagary. If the US is big in the news and the esteemed editors consider it a popular read, they'll put him in the main paper. When everyone's sick of America he gets demoted back to the Review and I get demoted in turn. This is admirably logical and much better than someone saying 'god she's crap this week, hide it on page 7".

In the matter of 'house style' they don't like nicknames and exclamation marks. Isn't it a poor day when you don't learn something? Also, today is my birthday. I'm 34. I think I'm doing ok for 34. That still gives me about 20 years to be host of the Late Late. Surely I can manage that?

posted by Sarah | 12:51 3 comments
Belated birthday wishes. Looking forward to when you host TLLS, you can have Gay Bryne as your first guest. He'll outlive us all you know.
Happy Birthday,
Forgot to metion I saw you on the big bite. You looked great especially in the area of what on a battleship is called the prow.
Happy Birthday. Though you may have to live longer than 20 years to take over the Late Late, I'm pretty sure Kenny is using the dark side of the force to extend his life and secure his job.
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