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Wednesday, May 18, 2005  

Thank you Conor and George

Woke up this morning to hear George Galloway's oratory. Great stuff. Almost moving. At least someone is telling those ignorant yanks what's what. The day deteriorated after that and by 12.45 I was close to cracking caused by whingeing toddler and failure to book holiday. I wanted to stay in a particular hotel on a particular beach in Marjoca. Everything went against me. Fortunately I turned on the radio in time to hear about Conor Lenihan's latest faux pas. Abusing Joe Higgins in the Dail yesterday he told him to "stick with the kebabs"! I laughed out loud (which on your own is always a bit weird). Liveline on Radio 1 are going to cover it - meanies. They really hate Conor. Sure everyone knows he's mad.

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You could do with a good sub-editor.
tee hee. deserved that.
Joe Duffy did his best to generate moral outrage but even the Turks were ringing up laughing.
I read the Majorca misspelling as a nod to how the name of that place is sometimes pronounced. But anyway, the Conor Lenihan thing. I'm glad the callers were amused. But this is a minister in the department of foreign affairs!
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