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Sunday, May 01, 2005  

Today's ST

Here's today's ST article on ASBO's.

Two interesting postscripts. I was searching for flagstones for my patio yesterday and this took me into West Dublin, that area between the N4 and N7 encompassing Clondalkin, Neilstown, Tallaght and Ballyfermot. Is it any wonder these are the trouble spots. It's just miles and miles of estates separated by dual carriageways and industrial estates. The only place for any of the kids to go is Liffey Valley Shopping Centre; and no doubt the ASBO's will ban them from there.

Finally, I see the editors deleted my reference to McDowell as Herr Flick and the accussation that the ASBO's are fascist. Perhaps it was over the top. A colleague who writes for another newspaper reported that every time he insults McDowell it's taken out while insults to other ministers go untouched. Must experiment and see what gets through.

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