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Sunday, May 15, 2005  

Two lives

Just a few short months ago I was thrilled to be awarded a column in a prestigious newspaper. Finally, in print! How quickly expectations adjust to new circumstances. No longer is the ego satisfied simply by publication: I pay increasing attention to location and editing. Today my prime spot on p5 of the Review section has been nicked by Andrew Sullivan, public enemy No. 1 of P O'Neill. I am relegated to my beginner's spot on p7. I veer between mild indignancy and worry. Is this the work of a bitter sub-editor on the mainland or a judgement on my subject and ability? What British/Irish politics are at play? To what office rivalries have I fallen victim? The editing is either wise or cruel. I suppose a reference to chip-eating welfare dependents, even if in a sympathetic context is best erased. But does it diminish my spirit?

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Sullivan has been ratcheting up his Irishness recently so seizing the spot of an Irish commentator may have been something he actively wanted. So why not just assume that your presence raised the prestige of that particular spot?
Sub editors - bitter or not - do not lay out newspapers. Jeez.
clearly I have much to learn of the newspaper world. Is there a group of lay-out editors? One for each of the sections? Does the actual editor sign off on the lot or just the main paper? Must ask around.
I can have him sorted out and very badly beaten.

Give me a ring.
"prestigious newspaper", THE SUNDAY TIMES? What sort of fantasy world are you living in? It may retain a certain cachet amongst people who don't know any better, but there has been precious little prestige about the place since the days of Harold Evans.

By the way, the common usage is "indignation", rather than "indignancy", and further to a previous comment it is just a little surprising that an important, if possibly ironic, columnist apparently does not know the function of a sub-editor.

I wonder how one gets to work for a prestigious organ such as the Sunday Times? It looks like easy money to me.
Hostile and cowardly mr/ms anonymous! I could delete your comment but your irate pedantry will serve to remind the rest of us of the value of humour.
Dont kno much about sub eds except that they earn a lot more than freelance hacks and have little to be bitter about.
God! More moral outrage on behalf on the sub-editing world. Who would have thought that given all the insults I hurl at individuals that it would take a swipe at the subs to get everyone going. I take it all back. Sub-editors are wonderful individuals who correct my bad grammar and restrain my worst flights of fancy. (I actually know 2 personally and they are very nice). I owe them a great deal. Can we all relax now? Anyway it transpires there is a regional editor (since in ST land Ireland is a region - anyone want to get outraged about that????) who decides where everything goes. I am sure he's not bitter but extremely competent and makes wise decisions even if they have a minor effect on my ego. In fact I don't think anyone at the ST is remotely bitter. All the bitter people are reading my blog. If you don't like it, go away.
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