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Wednesday, July 20, 2005  

Andrew Black

A belated note to record Andrew Black's success in the World Series of Poker last weekend - he came fifth and won $1.75m. Not bad - for about 15 years devotion to the game. When I entered Trinity College as a naive fresh little, well fresher, Andrew was either in his final year or was still loitering. The first time I saw him he was attempting to throw a pint over Shane Ross, then and now TCD Senator and currently Business Editor of the Sunday Independent. Andrew had delivered a ferocious speech in the Hist with Ross sitting in the chair in which Andrew claimed Ross had pushed through some legislation connected with house improvement grants and was the first person to claim one of the grants. Having failed to aim the pint exactly at Ross (it hit the Auditor, Anthony Whelan, instead) it took four people to carry him from the debating chamber. That was Andrew!
****I did have an anecdote in this spot which I am removing as it opens myself up to sneering from certain quarters: Andrew stories will have to be reserved for the pub***
Anyway, I probably never would have seen him again except that several years later he had a most intense relationship with a friend. It didn't work out except that she did introduce him to Buddhism and meditation which he took to in quite a single minded way. He was still a gambler, still charming, unpredictable - irresistable really. And now he's got a stack of money! Hopefully he will buy a house. I doubt it tho'. The world needs more like him.

UPDATE HAHA (as in short first ha and long second ha not the simpsons equi-length haha). I am using my power to hide all comments! Any one with anything else to say (inc. the ex-Hist R&L person) will have to mail me directly!

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