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Sunday, August 21, 2005  

Personal update and other news

Apologies for long absence. A combination of poor physical health, multiple mental inputs and a computer that died but was ressucitated by a kindly neighbour all contributed to a failure to blog.

On the physical health issue, those who are bored by other people's health problems may skip the next paragraph. For those who are still reading I had the most bizzare diagnosis. But first, a quick recap. Amidst the various dramas of my pregnancies I don't think I've ever mentioned that the very first pregnancy symptom I had with No. 1 child was that my tailbone got tender. Very odd, but apparently not unknown as the tailbone has to uncurl a little to get out of the way of the baby's head. Usually this happens during labour but mine started straight away. Anyway, for the past few months its been pretty sore especially when standing up from a sitting position. The resulting grimace made people convinced I had some awful arse-related issues, so a 'lower-back pain' explanation was usually greeted with relief. It's been getting worse so I eventually went off the to the doctor who told me, with some mild astonishment on his behalf, that my tail bone, instead of hanging down with a little curl in, is bent in at a 90 degree angle. He said I must have fallen and broken it at some point but all we could surmise was that it broke during that last labour. Bar having it taken off, which sounds very radical, there is not much medical science can do. He recommended an osteopath so they've been shoving the sacroilliacs around hoping they'll pull it back into place. Now usually a diagnosis is a relief, but I have to say, I felt very shaken learning that I was deformed. I'm not over it yet I think. I'll give it 6 months, and if there is no improvement, they can take it. Apparently, the operation is not that major; you're out in day and hobbling around for a couple of weeks. It's just like the appendix; it's an obsolete part of the body so it's really only a nuisance. But weird or what?

Then for last week's ST I was filling in for the Liam Fay spot which is half a dozen news things instead of the one opinion piece. More on that later.

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