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Monday, September 05, 2005  


Paddy is trying to teach me to be a Geek but so far all I have managed is to understand what a multi-protocol client is. I have yet to successfully make one work. However, in a userguide they handily provide a list of acronyms - some we know but some are kinda funny so I publish them here for your entertainment and you can show off. I deleted the obvious ones btw.

afaik as far as I know
afaict as far as I can tell
atm at the moment
bbiab be back in a bit
bbiaf be back in a few (minutes)
bbl be back later
bbs be back soon
bfo blinding flash of the obvious
brb be right back
ctrn can't talk right now
f2f face to face
fubar f***ed up beyond all recognition
fwiw for what it's worth
gmta great minds think alike
iam in a meeting
ianal I am not a lawyer
ihmb I hate my boss
imho in my humble opinion
imo in my opinion
iow in other words
irl in real life
gtg got to go
j/k just kidding
n/m never mind
n/p no problem
oAo over and out!
otoh on the other hand
pita pain in the ass
pov point of view
rotfl rolling on the floor laughing
slap sounds like a plan
tia thanks in advance
tla three-letter arconym
ttfn ta ta for now
ttyl talk to you later
wb welcome back
wfm works for me
wtf what the f***?!

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