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Saturday, September 03, 2005  

Auctioneers & Racism

Apropos, as Pat Kenny says, auctioneers, here's a story from the frontier that shocked me.

There's a meat factory in our locality and it is normal practice that abbatoirs selling meat to Arab countries have to provide Halal meat. This means that instead of the cattle getting the bullet, they get their throats cut and the blood can drain out of them. My sister used to work in one before and she said it was humane. I think they are sedated beforehand and death is pretty quick.
ANYWAY, in order to authenticate the meat, the factories usually have to import Arab butchers to do the job professionally. The manager approached the family auctioneering firm seeking a number of houses in which the Egyptian butchers could stay for a few months while on death duty. A local landlord has a bunch of houses in an estate. He's known as a bad landlord because he doesn't maintain the houses nicely and it pisses off the neighbours. Needless to say, he was happy to let his houses to the guys. Last night the meat factory manager attempted to prepare the houses for the new tenants. My poor sister had a huge row with him as he was trying to fit 9 guys into the house. (I think it has four bedrooms). She insisted that only 7 be allowed into the house and they had a stand-up row on the side of the road as she refused him permission to move extra beds into the house.

She got a list of the tenants' names and he went off somewhere with the extra beds. She went into the house to inspect it and when she came out, the neighbours had arrived. They crowded round her, shouting abuse at her. They were protesting that a bunch of Arab men were moving in. They got really aggressive with her and she had to go back into the house and phone my Dad (sobbing by this point) to come and rescue her. He duly arrived and they took him on too. At this point, they lose some moral high ground because they told the group that they would have no more to do with the whole enterprise and would give the keys back to the landlord. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't tell the neighbours they were a bunch of racist arseholes...but I suppose I wasn't there.

Now, there has never been any trouble from furrin types in our area at all. In fact, the Muslims are known for non-drinking etc and the poor bastards are made work all hours so there is NO anti-social behaviour. In the meantime, the local youths are drinking and fighting their way up and down the town every weekend. Doesn't this show what a pathetic little race of people we are? If it escalates I may feel obliged to offer my opinion to the natives....

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Good on you Sarah they are all just a bunch of FF voting rascist B'trds! (probably tax dodgers too)

Sorry I am ranting...this type of stuff makes my blood boil.


Ps. without trying to belittle this issue..... the staff at the stagshead have been let go replaced by table service and two TVs...
Oh no...I really thought they'd keep a winning formula. Better go in and check it out. :-(
What do you expect.

Actually, these people have generally moved down from Dublin and insist on dressing their offspring in blue jerseys. If we were in the North we'd be looking for a commission to ban such practices. I think if you move to the country you should cheer for them at an inter-county level.
Country people don't cheer for Dublin when they move here. In fact they are still happy enough to see us beaten.

That bugs me a bit, after all we should be everyone's second best county. But it doesn't seem to work that way. Oh Well...
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