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Thursday, September 22, 2005  

Civil Liberties, yeah right.

Check this out. As the guy points out, he is actually lucky.

posted by Sarah | 13:59 3 comments
We're the lucky one's.
An active police force clearing the streets of nerds and compuer geeks is exactly what I voted for.
The new anti-terrorism powers of the police are just the final, small nail in the coffin of civil liberties in the UK. Most civil liberties were wiped out by the Criminal Justice Bill back in about 1992. Since then any gathering of 3 or more people requires police permission!!!! Ok, it's not enforced, but it's the law. How totalitarian is that?
"I check for messages on my phone"
Accepatble behaviour

"take out a printout of an article about Wikipedia from inside jacket pocket and begin to read."
Go directly to jail.
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