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Thursday, September 15, 2005  

A giddy day with some grounding

I was very giddy and excitable and my heart was racing all day. I had an appointment with the osteopath, and you know what? They are making progress. My poor pelvis is getting more stable all the time and they've started on the shoulders. My mother did reveal that there was a fall and she actually did take me for an x-ray when I was about 8. She was afraid my shoulder was fractured. It wasn't. But the ribs (which at the back are in your shoulder) are out, so it looks like they (the osteo-crowd) weren't being overdramatic after all. And they seem to care about me which is nice. Although for €60 a go (€80 last week when it was two of them), I suppose they should care about me.

Moral of the story: if a child falls badly but nothing is broken; no harm taking them to an osteopath to repair the damage early. The practice I go to specialises in babies and curing their birth injuries. Some of the poor babies come as they've been crying and crying and they work on their shoulders and their heads. The lady said the caesarian babies are the worst because everyone assumes that a caesarian is easy becauase they don't have to come down the birth canal. But actually, the doctors really have to tug and pull to get them out and often dislocate little things without realising. Can you imagine?

Such is my progress that I returned for the first time in a year to my wonderful wonderful yoga class and I want to urge everyone in the Dublin area (well, if you are nice and don't wreck the lovely atmosphere in our class) to go to the Buddhists in Leeson St for yoga. There is a lot of yoga going on at the moment but its all this Ashtanga stuff which is the kind that Madonna does. It's very competitive and assertive. Our's is Iyengar yoga which is precise and soft.

We lay on the floor for 15 minutes at the start and the teacher says "Where is your breath?" And where is your breath? Usually it's just below my throat. By the end of the class its way down in my body and I am a different person. We allow our heads to feel heavy and rest on the floor. And imagine our hair falling off and into the floor. And when you are doing a bend you let gravity push you down but the earth support you. Its really cool. You can do everything deeper than you think you can. And then we thank the space, and thank each other and give thanks for something in our lives. Which most people never do. Most people think of all the bad things in their lives so thanking is good.

Once, two astanga girls came to the class and there is a pose called mountain pose. That just means standing straight. Our teacher says, "do not stand like a soldier. Keep your chest soft on the inside". The girls were standing to attention and even tho they were just standing you could feel the determination and assertiveness coming from them. They never came back. We were glad. They are probably very efficient and successful girls but they were not for us. They probably thought we were lame but we were quite happy.

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