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Sunday, September 04, 2005  

Good citizenry of Enfield (not)

If you thought yesterday's post revealed poor characters in the village, I have more news today from another estate which is almost worse.
Enfield has long been home to many criminal types. Not necessarily the type that cause trouble for the locals. For example, before the CAB(Criminal Assets Bureau) got him, we were the home town of John Gilligan, drug boss and widely assumed to have taken out the contract on Veronica Guerin. Then we had a VAT inspector who ripped off millions and ended up dying in jail. Not to mention Derry O'Rourke, swimming coach who sexually abused some of his charges. De family usually find out before the natives when these guys are about to be arrested as the Da is a Peace Commissioner and when the Gardai are about to raid a cattle smuggler or something, they often need a warrant signed late at night.
Last week CAB arrived up needing warrants signed for some alleged local drug dealers. It was big news the next day as they found tons of cocaine up the road. One of the guys they arrested (Shane O'Rourke - currently languishing in Mountjoy) married a local girl and they and their small children lived with her mother in a house in a village estate. So he's the accused and he's in jail but word has reached us that the christian minded parents in the estate are refusing to let their children play with his kids. Now, we're talking toddlers here. And the granny, a life long resident of the village and respectable person in her own right, is being shunned and boycotted by the neighbours. Hello? The granny and the kids get punished for the crimes (alleged, alleged) of the shit son-in-law.
My only consolation is that this and yesterday's behaviour appears to be confined to 'blow-ins'.

posted by Sarah | 19:55 6 comments
I can assure you of one major inaccuracy in your "good citizenry of enfield (not) piece. Nobody in the estate has the slightest problem with either shane o'rourkes kids, wife or mother in law. No-one, no "christian minded neighbours" are saying that two small innocent boys should be in any way punished. You should correct this a.s.a.p and ascertain rumours as facts in future before printing them
I sincerely hope that I am wrong but I this is eye-witness stuff. A neighbour in the estate told me the moms weren't letting their kids play with the O'Rourke's. I assume that this is not universal and that there are nice people there (including the people I know). Why would anyone make that up?
Interesting question - why would anyone make it up? Sometimes, it sounds juicier to say that everyone is so scandalised that a two year old and four year old are now being ostracised. My eyewitness accounts are accurate, Sarah, if any brainless twit has been so obnoxious, they are very much a minority. All I have spoken to have offered support.
Tell you what, two things. Firstly just because some people might be doing this, it does not mean that an accusation has been levelled at everyone and this has obviously stung you. I will try to get a second confirmation over the weekend and failing that I will remove the post. However, I do note that while I put my name to making this claim you are choosing to make anonymous comments. Let's revisit this Monday when I should have had a chance to make further enquiries.
Hi sarah, you are quite right, I am choosing to remain anonymous as I genuinely do not wish to put my name to any kind of defence of s o'r. His lovely mother in law and wife and kids don't deserve what he has brought on them. You seem almost proud however to put your name to a false and salacious claim. I find that strange
Hi, Sometimes it's just a bit creepy to get into a correspondence with someone who might know me, but I don't them. And of course, I believe that the claim is correct and was horrified, not that it is false and I was just sticking it on my blog for the scandal factor. My point is that by putting my name to any of my statements I am more than willing to take the rap if they are wrong. But its easy to flame me, even in the honourable defence of others, when I don't know who you are. It's a bit disconcerting, that's all. Anyway, as I say, I'll see if I can find a second person to back up the original story as told to me. If I can't the post will be removed. I can't do fairer than that.
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