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Saturday, September 10, 2005  

Hobbs Smear continues

The campaign intensifies. From FRONT page of the IT

"A former client of TV personality and financial adviser Eddie Hobbs who moved funds offshore in the 1990s had to subsequently make a €1.25 million settlement with the Revenue, writes Colm Keena, Public Affairs Correspondent"

and to keep the lawyers happy...

"The former client has told The Irish Times that he did not inform Mr Hobbs at the time that some of the money was undeclared. The case has been brought to the attention of the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority."

What relevancy have the antics of Hobbs' clients to his arguments? None, but FF at work at the journos falling for it.

posted by Sarah | 11:19 3 comments
it was a damn good move by bertie and the boys last week to publicly call off the attack dogs on hobbs. it was pretty obvious that the fix was in and they'd get him another way, one that wouldn't leave blood on their hands come the election. you've got to love politicians and the way they work.
It's odd that Phoenix is mentioning Bob Shrum as back working for Bertie because in fact the War on Hobbs is classic Rove -- instead of being on the defence, go on the offensive, and make it personal. Dubya served in Texas. Kerry served in Vietnam. So your boy looks bad. Solution: attack Kerry's service in Vietnam! Hobbs says you're causing rip-offs. So attack for him having ripped people off (and hope people don't read the fine print)!
That's total Rove. Scummy, scummy bastards.
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