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Wednesday, September 14, 2005  

Ireland's ODA "target"

Bertie says we will reach our target 0.7% GNP by 2012. Now, will someone ask him what does he mean by target this time? 'Cos the last time a target was just a lofty goal, not a commitment or a promise. Let's nail him down this time.

The news was quite funny. A decrepid looking Geldof bending Bertie's year and poor Conor grinning in a most bizarre fashion trying to look like he was part of the party. The funny thing about Geldof is that he does look desperate but I met him once and was amazed at how attractive he really is. Very tall (you know the way famous people are usually smaller) and slim, great jaw line and very intelligent which is a thing with me.

posted by Sarah | 21:41 2 comments
In my opinion this whole 0.7% thingy is nonsense. It's taxpayers money and if us taxpayers want, we can cut out the middle man and give 0.7% of our incomes straight to the red cross, goal, whoever.
I agree 100% with Gumboots. I already donate money to charity and I'm sure everyone else who wants to does the same. There's no need to force people to donate if people don't that's their problem.
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