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Sunday, September 25, 2005  

Kate Moss

I have one thing to say about Kate Moss. I don't think she's that great looking. Perhaps in real life. But in photographs? Never seen the attraction. And her clothes aren't cool. They're a mess. And her legs are bandy. I couldn't care less what drugs she does or with whom she has sex. She's young and rich. And they're all it so I am sorry that the press turned on her. But who is a beauty today? I think Robin Wright and Diane Lane are truly beautiful. And Elle McPherson looked her best when she put on all the weight for Sirens. Skinny, she looks ordinary. Tall and lithe perhaps but not actually beautiful. Am I the only one left unmoved?

posted by Sarah | 22:23 1 comments
You don't get her essential sluttishness which is very attractive to men. She radiates sex. The women you refer to all have a nice girl quality - you'd like them as friends.
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