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Sunday, September 18, 2005  

Lady Columnists

Many many thanks to Leon for this hilarious link. Have been LOL for the last 10 minutes reading it. I pray I am not on the same road as the lovely Roisin.

posted by Sarah | 18:37 2 comments
While that's funny, the primary model of doom for lady columnists remains Glenda Slagg.
i am delighted to find that i am not the only one who finds the bould róisín's weekly meanderings to be wildly inappropriate. i wonder does she run her columns by the various siblings/husbands mentioned or does she plough on, the centre of an ever decreasing circle of friends.
it's one thing to be famous, and then, after the event, to sketch intimate details of one's life to provide context for a fascinated public, as to how you scaled the heights of whatever niche you have made your own. but that woman is famous(??) only for having revealed reams of private and personal details of her dreary life in the paper. why can't she just get a blog like everyone else??
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