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Sunday, September 11, 2005  

Poor Conor

He's done it again. Here's how the ST runs the story:

"What an ass,” one senior party figure sighed. “His rare mix of stupidity and arrogance is a dangerous cocktail. Bad enough to fall asleep on the phone, but why did he have to go on RTE to explain it? Could he not just disappear for a few days?” It was supposed to be a Fianna Fail think-in, but it started to sound more like a drink-in. ....... Most ministers would have had an early night; Lenihan was still up at 4am.

“No, I wasn’t on the tear,” he explained afterwards. “You stay up late talking to colleagues, but there isn’t that much wild drinking at these events.” [Yeah....]

Lenihan was awoken at 8am by TV3, but as he waited to go on air he fell asleep again."

Apparently they could actually hear him snoring...

And I hadn't heard this one before "Launching a book by the BBC’s Fergal Keane at the Irish embassy in London last March, he remarked: “I’m sure he will become a first-class writer.” It was, in fact, the bestselling Keane’s sixth book."

Of course the great mystery still is why Bertie continues to favour Conor over Brian who not only has the Lenihan brains, but a more sober nature.

btw the ST headlined the article "Fredo’ fulfils his destiny as runt of the political litter". Ouch. That must hurt.

posted by Sarah | 13:07 2 comments
oh my god! oh my god! they quoted a blogger! oh my god! quick, roll out the bunting! phone bernie! the revolution has happened!

nb: satire

good piece on him though. better than the one the it ran after the kebabs story.
hey, I forgot about Richard and his Fredo website. strangely he is silent on this one...must enquire.
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