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Tuesday, September 20, 2005  

Violence on Telly

A letter in today's IT: "Violent death has become an accepted and apparently essential part of our television entertainment diet.

Research has shown that the average child in the US or Britain will see more than 7,000 violent deaths on television before starting second-level education at 12 years of age......

The effects of this exposure to violence on television have been identified by Prof Joanne Cantor to a US Senate Committee as: (1) creating in viewers a greater tolerance of violent acts; (2) fostering insecurity and reinforcing a belief that one lives in a hostile environment; and (3) predisposing some viewers to act violently...."

I don't agree with this. When we were children the holy grail of television watching was Hawaii 50. Occasionally we were allowed stay up until the first ads (which of course was always really annoying because then you just wanted to see more). My mother once remarked that my eldest brother could sit quite calmly through the various murders and assaults. Somehow you didn't take it seriously. But when Judge got kidnapped by the witch on Wanderly Wagon he ran around the back yard screaming. Perhaps this was related to his fear of disappearing dogs. But anyway, he was capable of suspending disbelief with regard to murders in Hawaii 50, which is the salient point.

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There is a more sinistar aspect to American cop/drama shows that we tend not to notice any more. The final act/solving the problem can only be done my using a gun. The subtext being that a gun is essential to solving crime. If you contrast this with successful British cop/drama shows (ie. Morse, Midsomer Murders, Poirot etc.) the lack of guns is remarkable. Am I being delusion about this, has anyone else noticed?

Conor you are so right. I always notice that in The West Wing the 'good' President has to to do something which appears 'bad' to the public. But he is forced into the position for the so-called greater good or because he is privy to information which we are not. They did a Death Penalty episode where it was sooooo tragic, but hey, the guy had to die. Then they have a running theme with some country that is obviously Afghanistan. At its first mention they are going to trade with them and CJ fights the non-trade corner because of wimmins rights and stuff. But she ends up being wrong because , she's letting her emtions get in the way of some other important global considerations. Then they end up bombing the country because allegedly they have no other choice. Its all justification for the US's appalling human rights policies.
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