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Thursday, October 13, 2005  


How I would love to adopt this policy from Wendy McClure's blog on comments. SHE got a book deal from her blog! So it appears I am not the only one whose blog actually helped them. Must explore Blogger's help section to see if I can censor comments BEFORE they appear on the site. I have started deleting the very abusive ones and as you may have noticed I had to introduce word verification as the spammers got a hold of me. I had felt guilty about deleting the odd very abusive comment since one must never stifle debate. But fuckit, its my blog, and it is quite mentally healthy to simply delete negativity. I wish I could do this with other sources of negativity in my life.

posted by Sarah | 22:35 4 comments
Don't worry, you're far from the only one who's found having a blog to be useful. ;)

Also, feel free to delete comments you don't like. It's *your* damn website after all, and people commenting are like guests in your home -- chuck 'em out if they don't respect that!
delete comments you dont like? thats close to fascism isnt it?
oh, please. Screeching fascism in the defence of nutters who fling abuse is a bit over the top. Exaggeration is the tool of the dense.
It's your blog eh? So delete as you like :-)
For my part I leave impertinent comments on mine (particularly from pro-invasion zionist idiots) so everyone can see how stupid they are.
Then I visit theirs (bwahaha):-)
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