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Monday, October 10, 2005  


I've been using the new washing machine since February. A glance through the instruction manual tells me that I've been putting the powder/tablets in the pre-wash section of the drawer. NO WONDER the bloody clothes weren't washing properly. And I was complaining about crap washing powders. In my defence, the pre-wash drawer was labelled "1" so I thought that meant it was the most important but of course that mean it was the 1st in order of use - not importance. I did wonder why it was smaller than the completely ignored section 2. As usual my problems are entirely self-created. Will I ever learn? And I am usually so militant on the subject of reading instructions. This is what children have done to me.

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Dont be so quick to blame yourself on this one. It's often the case that objects are so badly designed that they almost encourage you to make such mistakes. In the case of a washing machine, negative outcomes of such poor design are relatively minor, in flight control systems, such usability errors can have more serious outcomes. If you get a chance have a read of Don Norman's The Design of Everyday Things A great read on the subject.

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