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Tuesday, October 04, 2005  


Here's an interesting article on the importance of maternal grannies. Note that in developing societies, they are more important than fathers for infant mortality. I wonder what John Waters would make of that.....

posted by Sarah | 21:37 8 comments
JAYSUS don't say the J*O*H*N W*A*T*E*R*S words out loud! You know what they say, speak of the devil and he appears!
I think john waters would say you were a self seeking self publicist with nothing to add to any debate except repetition and hot air.
ouch! good lord. A personal enemy or one created by my publications. Who knows? Of course, why anonymous bothers to read my repetitive hot air is another questions. You do actually have to look for this site.
Personally I think id rather say of the luscious and sex drenched miss carey would make an excellent grandmother. A yummy mummy she is already
Hurrah! There are more nice people than horrible people. Thank God for that.
Come on Sarah! You have and will always be a babe. Don't pretend you don't know it.
I thought it was a good article. With teenagers ourselves I suspect we will be grandparents within next 10 years (hopefully not too soon!) We're looking forward to it. I want to be a wise old sage for them...

"Stop standing on my beard, child!

"Sorry, oh wise one!"

I'll tell you Sarah - children seem endless when small but they grow in a flash. I miss them being very little even though they are interesting at all ages. I feel I didn't appreciate them enough when very small. I look forward eventually to the joy of "borrowing" grandkids.
I know - that's when i am cracking up I say - in many ways this is the easy bit. They are so cute and lovely now. I don't regret my existence. Its the best option.
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