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Tuesday, October 25, 2005  


I've had complaints that I haven't yet commented on the death of Liam Lawlor! Firstly it is with great pride that I must observe that The Sunday Times chose not to publish any of the details about the so-called hooker. Unlike the entire O'Reilly stable, SINDO, Sunday World, and even the Trib. Ireland on Sunday published that there had been reports that she was a hooker but conflicting reports said she wasn't, so they were slightly better covered.

On Liam himself. I met him once, in RTE where he had come in to do a "Later with " show. I can't remember if it was with Fergus Finlay and Frank Dunlop or Fergus with Jackie Gallagher. Frank interviewing Lawlor would have been gas given how up to their necks in planning corruption they both were. Anyway, Liam was in full outrage mode about the Tribunal examining every aspect of his life. He was really convincing (well, to me, who will swallow just about anything) that they were completely out of order. That day they had called the garage where he had bought his car to find out how he'd paid for it. It did strike me at the time that the Rev and the CAB have powers to do these things. Why did it need barristers at 2.5k per day to do this?

However, the wife, Hazel was with him. Now she was impressive. Very composed and full of defence for him. She was a tough cookie. And a lot of those bank accounts were in her name. So either he took her in completely too, or she was well used to the extremely complicated business transactions that he was involved in. I am very sorry she lost her husband, however she doesn't strike me as the type that will fall apart. Perhaps it will get the Tribunal off her back. I presume she can tell them to feck off now and won't have to worry about it any more. Since I have my own anti-Tribinal agenda, I hope she does (even if we are involved in different Tribunals and even if Lawlor was guilty as hell).

He must have had a spine of steel. Other men would have cracked (and didn't Frank?) but he just kept going, refusing to acknowledge for one second that he was on the take. He went to jail and still never blinked - at least in public. But even if he had blinked in private, I think that would have shown on his face. Is this incredible inner strength, evidence of innocence or insanity? Most likely the latter.

Of course the number one best thing about his death is that it wrecked the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis. Ha ha ha. I haven't the first clue what Bertie said in his speech because who the hell was talking about that on Sunday morning? Instead, we all got a nice little reminder about exactly which party was hiding corrupt politicians for the last 30 years.

Finally, it's not a bad way to go really. Which way do you want to die? Wasting away, debillitated and broken from some horrible disease or just old age when all your friends are dead? Or in the back of a merc on an international business trip, nice and quick. I wonder did he have a pension?

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Yes it's sad for the family that he died but in his manner of exit, he screwed the tribunal and the party that dumped him in a single stroke. I wonder if the family can make a case for secondary defamation with the original claim. But I also wonder what his death might shake loose in terms of who these Prague contacts actually were, which the tribunal could never figure out. God forbid that someone bring a criminal case 10 years ago and dislodge documents from what is now an EU member.
The papers report today that the hooker/translator is suing. Good.
"or in the back of a Merc..."

I understand Liam was in the front of the Mercedes, but I'm sure the Indo would have preferred him in the back with the lady!
you are right. it was the front. amazing how the image of the back is the stereotype in one's head.
A great way to go for sure but it would have even better if the hooker story was true.
ok, hands up who really thinks dying in a car crash is a good way to go? you dont necessarily die straight away. In bed with a translator at 98 would be fine thank you.
Incidentally it wasnt insanity or that made him deny all allegations. It was his own belief that he was (a) above the law (b) he wouldnt be fed to the lions.
Im sorry for his family, but he was a terrible cunt
There was no prostitute in the car just one big Fianna Fáil hooer.

I'm going to pay my respects to the family just as soon as they decide to return their ill-gotten gains to the nation.

A self-righteous bully who prostituted his public office, he has left us his grubby legacy in the shape of the Westlink bridge, gateway to the utopia he helped plan for Lucan.

So long, fatso!
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