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Tuesday, October 11, 2005  

Mary Robinson

I see that Conor Brady, writing in today's IT agrees with my assessment of Mary Robinson ;-)

"That Mary Robinson is one of the most remarkable Irish people of her generation is not in question. But in retrospect, it is difficult to measure the extent to which she was an initiator of change, as distinct from a personification of new values and priorities that were in the ascendant in Irish society. In many ways, her most far-reaching contribution to the process of change in Irish society was behind her. She had been an important figure in pushing through reforms in personal rights and freedoms, such as contraception, the care of children and so on"

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Conor Brady has changed his tune. I remember when Mary Robinson left the presidency (a year before her term was up, I believe), the front page of the following morning's Irish Times looked like Page One of Pravda after some leading member of the Politburo had kicked the bucket back in the USSR. How quickly they forget.
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