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Thursday, October 20, 2005  

Multiple personality

For some years now the National Lottery's Telly Bingo programme has been presented by Shirley Temple Bar, a drag queen previously best known for her/his acts in the gay bar The George. It was always slightly disconcerting to watch this freakish creature host a programme watched by elderly people.

However, it is even more disconcerting to watch the real person, Declan Buckley, present the programme dressed completely normally and as himself. I have no idea why there was a change. Were there complaints? Is Declan trying to put his drag queen past behind him? Could the makers not fire him and get a normal presenter to do it or have they decided to give him a straight shot at it? It's very odd. Can't find photo yet of Declan. He's not very good looking.

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Hi Sarah,
I haven't seen the completely straight Declan Buckley version but I always thought the Shirley Temple Bar Telly Bingo experiment was a bit of a disaster in general.

Did nobody figure out that his/her act wasn't suitable for daytime tv? so we got a man in drag taking balls out of a bag and saying "number 69... that's number 69...". what is the point of that?

When you think about it the whole Telly Bingo thing has failed to live up to early promise. Launched in a blaze of glory on prime time television over the past few years it has slowly retreated into the more dusty corners of the schedule. In fact I had forgotten it existed.

Regarding the victorians and their children. Miserable childhoods produce exceptional adults. If you wanted to create another beethoven you just sit your kid down at the piano and beat them senseless if they try to do anything other than play it. the same principle is used today to produce russian tennis players.

i'm rambling.
Yes, any time that freak was on TV as I flicked channels I found myself watching it with the same bizarre attention as one would give to a rubbishy 1950s alien B-movie. It was so awful that it was almost captivating! He acted so normally, no attempt at burlesque or any obvious humour, and even sang with a boring crap voice.."Telly Bingo Friday Night...."

Even more peculiar is that - as you say - he was kept on as a man with much the same voice. I wonder indeed what the elderly folk think of it all.

But we are talking about such thing as bad publicity.
Hi Sarah,

here's an interview from 2001



Miserable childhoods produce exceptional adults eh? Perhaps but miserable childhoods also produce miserable adults.

its shite. But its hardly unsuitable. Declans a bit of a lunatic as well, i saw him hit in the face with a glass in an early house once.
Personally, I was quite amazed that a program like Telly Bingo *was* hosted by someone in drag, even if only for a while. Where I am from in Canada, that would not happen... at least not on a national network, despite having leagalized same-sex marriage.

Also, thanks for confirming for me that I am not going crazy. I *thought* that it was the same person, just out of drag, but I couldn't prove it. Thanks!

Oh, and Shirly Temple Bar is still at it hosting bingo Sunday nights at The George. I saw the act about a week ago and thought it was great. There was a dead-on rendition of Madonna's 'Hung Up' video.
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