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Friday, November 04, 2005  

Sarah's blog

I am planning some changes to the blog - all will be revealed soon. But one thing that came up was the name of the blog. Irish readers will be familiar with the meaning of the name GUBU (grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre and unprecendented, as per Haughey's famous statement when murderer Malcolm McArthur was found in the home of the Attorney General). But I am not sure if this appropriate any more since it's domestic matters that seem to keep cropping up now. Should I change the name? Feedback welcome.

posted by Sarah | 13:42 5 comments
GUBU is so you...
Not grotesque
Bizarre and
Stick with the name.
yes colm's right. It's a good name. In principle you could update to a more recent vintage of scandal reference (e.g. "Mature Reflection") but GUBU was really a class of its own.
Thanks. I never knew *what* GUBU meant. Thanks for the info. Oh, and it's a good name. You should probably stick with it despite the content change.
Change at ur peril! Gubu is sooo appropriate
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