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Tuesday, July 27, 2004  

Day in the life

Some months ago I did a "day in the life". I feel obliged to share that life is somewhat less frenetic now and since the new pregnancy leaves me a little lethargic the day has changed. Here is new day:

7.30am baby wakes. Dad lifts him, heats bottle, gives breakfast, makes my breakfast and delivers it on tray to bed. Entertains baby till 8.45. Brings baby to me in bed where I engage in mild amusement till 9am. Put baby to sleep and snooze on till about 10. Rise and make sausage sandwich and ginger tea, empty dishwasher and watch Dallas. Baby usually wakes for Dallas so put him on floor where he drinks his bottle and laughs at Cliff. We dance around floor to theme music when finished. Do barely ten minutes yoga or have bath. Make phone calls to family. Read newspaper on Net. Give baby some fruit and put him back to bed. Get dressed. Do household administration (pay bills or something). Baby wakes. Get ready to go out. Stroll down to village. Buy imagined necessities at supposed bargain prices, have light refreshment. Get back to house. Prepare lovely dinner in Stepford fashion. Make baby's dinner. Welcome Dad home with positive cheerful greeting to counter stress of commute. Dad feeds baby. Eat dinner. Accept praise for excellent cooking. Share putting to bed duties. Lay on couch for a few hours, perhaps interspersed with laundry duties or dishwasher filling on alternate nights. Since cable finally cut us off watch reduced number soap operas and read instead. Go to bed c.10-10.30.

Bit of a doss really.

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