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Friday, November 05, 2004  


Norma's views are no doubt typical and PO'Neill's salient. We know you know there were no weapons of mass destruction and that bombing Afghanistan back to the Stone Age failed to capture Osama bin Laden. We know that you know that in the process tens of thousands have died miserably. We know that you know there's a half trillion $ deficit and that Bush won't be asking his buddies on Wall St to help pay for it - you'll be paying it Norma. But hey, even tho' you know that Bush had a party while Kerry was getting shot at in Vietnam, you still voted for him! That's why we're all so scared, and mystified. We don't get to shake our heads in despair at the actions of a bunch of war mongerers in the White House any more. We get to shake our heads at the actions of 60m people who could vote for a guy that will only harm them both economically and physically through his crazy policies. Like the proverbial turkey and christmas, you can see why we think such an action might be a bit on the stupid side. By the way, why in a democracy is the word liberal a term of abuse?

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