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Monday, October 17, 2005  

Doh x 1000

I continue to be defeated by household so-called technology.

In a state of high hassle, I was trying to get them organised for a walk because the baby wouldn't sleep and a stroll in the pram was the only solution. I tried to pull up the release handle to make the back seat of the double buggy lie flat. I pulled and pulled and it just wouldn't release. So I forced the back down anyway. I nearly cried with the effort. The next day, I tried to get it back up. The two support bars on the back just snapped clean off. I broke it. I tried to work out some scenario whereby M. must have broken the handle and therefore it was his fault. But even in my stressed out state I had to concede to myself that I was solely to blame.

But why are they so bloody hard to manage? I have another single pram and every now and then that handle goes to. We had another double buggy (inherited, as was the broken one - thank god) and we had scenes with 3 grown men and 2 women in a car park and everyone trying to figure out how to make it collapse so it would go in the car. No wonder my ulcer is making a re-appearance. This kind of stuff would break anyone.

Getting them in the car seats makes me nauseous*. Why don't they teach you how to manage these things instead of rubbish about cervixes dilating?

* I never know how to spell that word and checked with Here is a most interesting usage note attached to the definition

"Traditional critics have insisted that nauseous is properly used only to mean “causing nausea” and that it is incorrect to use it to mean “affected with nausea,” as in Roller coasters make me nauseous. In this example, nauseated is preferred by 72 percent of the Usage Panel. Curiously, though, 88 percent of the Panelists prefer using nauseating in the sentence The children looked a little green from too many candy apples and nauseating (not nauseous) rides. Since there is a lot of evidence to show that nauseous is widely used to mean “feeling sick,” it appears that people use nauseous mainly in the sense in which it is considered incorrect. In its “correct” sense it is being supplanted by nauseating"

Update: I rang the guy who made our gates. He told me to drop the buggy over to him and reckons he can repair it. Hurrah! Feel virtuous as am repairing something instead of throwing it out.

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"Feel virtuous as am repairing something instead of throwing it out."

Breathless style, dropped pronouns...hey, it's Bridget Jones in the suburbs with a couple of babies.

as I wrote that I knew what it looked like!! so it was semi-unconscious influence....I decided to let it out there...
What a rotten comment by Anonymous. In one sentence he/she has put in trivial criticism of grammer (so typical of people) and seems to be attempting to undervalue (like many others) the real work, challenges and joys of a mother bringing up children at home (ZZZZ bit being main evidence). I feel an article of my own coming on soon on the subject of stay-at-home parents...
what is grammer, you illiterate pheasant?

gram. grammer, grammest ?

can't wait for your article.
What amusing serendipity (re. grammar) to have my point reinforced. Sarah, looks like Anon and I are taking over here! Wanna retire or sell the Blog?!
go for it boys...
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